Dental Implant Removal

In rare cases, a failed dental implant may require removal. This can be due to infection or trauma and is not common unless other complications arise during treatment. Rest assured, our team willmake sure you are safe!


Here is some basic information about what happens when one's implants fail after being placed.


If you've had a dental implant that has failed, it's important to have it removed as soon as possible. Leaving a failed implant in place can lead to serious infection and other complications.


The Dental Implant Removal Procedure

If you've had an implant for some time, it may be firmly attached to the surrounding bone. This can happen even if there's been damage due to infection or wear-and tear on your jawline - but don't worry! Dr. JJ Elbaz will take extra caution when removing dental implants, not only to minimize any discomfort caused, but also because he knows how important this step is towards regaining full function again following surgery


In many cases, patients receive a bone graft at the same time as they get their implant removed. Following surgery, you will have new material grafted into your natural tooth/bone that provides support for future implants and strengthens it, so this can happen again incase of any problems or issues down the road!


The Importance of Dental Implant Removals

It's important to know that removing dental implants is a serious procedure that should only be done by a qualified dentist. There are many risks associated with the removal of dental implants, so it's important to make sure that you understand all the potential risks before making the decision to have them removed.


Some risks associated with removing dental implants include infection, damage to the surrounding teeth, and nerve damage. Additionally, there is a small risk of developing cancer if the implant is not removed properly.


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